Let me start off by first passing through the “science” of why you should have zinc in your life.

It helps with:

  • Protein and DNA synthesis (this is extremely important when it comes to all the cells in your body to perform functions properly)
  • Assists with the healing of one’s wounds
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Assists the body with its response to infections
  • Has been known to assist with fighting colds or cutting the duration of colds short
  • Assists with continued usage of your taste and smell

However, the most important benefit is that this mineral is responsible for your libido. That’s right. Zinc helps keep those “I feel sexy” feelings and juices flowing for your yoni (another term used to describe your “lady parts”). Gentlemen, this goes for you, too. This helps with your stamina and libido so you and your partner can have a loving experience “making grown folk music” (if you get my drift).

Now that I have your attention…because you know, sex sells, let’s discuss what foods you should make sure to incorporate in your diet.

Crab, Lobster, and Oysters

Cook Crabs on Top of Ceramic Plate

These yummy seafood selections are not only known to be an aphrodisiac, but they also help with healthy heart function as well as oxygen transport throughout the body. So if you are wanting a little “boost” with your lover, these are your go-to treats.


Round Grilled Food

For those who are absolutely Team No Meat or Seafood, these are a great alternative. They assist with lowering cholesterol and improving your blood sugar levels. Hummus is an all time favorite of mine. I love to dive into and indulge.


Red Strawberry and Raspberry on White Ceramic Bowl

Now before you go “ewww”, here me out. Yes, this is one of the least liked foods, but I promise you that not only does this zinc containing food gives your body “the business” but it is also rich in fiber, folate, and potassium, which are important nutrients for your body. So dress it up with some fruit and honey and dig in!

Nuts (Almonds and Cashews)

almond, almonds, food

Not only do almonds and cashews contain healthy fats and omega-3s, but they also help assist with improving your immunity as well as provide antioxidants for your daily needs.

So there you have it. Aside from zinc being a great mineral to help with cell functioning for your body and improving one’s immunity, this awesome nutrient assists with making sure your body is strong and healthy. Many people don’t take the effort to truly appreciate the existence and need of zinc for themselves. Overall, you should be making sure you are properly getting the essential vitamins and minerals your temple needs. Choosing the right foods in your daily lives allow you to be healthy and amazingly strong. So make sure you are taking proper care and nurturing to your body and its needs.

Happy Healing!

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