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Many of you may or may not know, but this year I’ve decided to take my health more seriously. I have always been self-concious of my weight and body image. In recent years, I’ve lost up to 25 pounds, yet gained it all back with poor health choices. This year, I’ve decided to make permanent changes that would get me off of this roller coaster ride with my health.

So far this year, I’ve lost 16 pounds. Cutting out pork, fried foods (mostly) and using natural supplements from itWorks Global, I’ve become more confident in my health journey. I feel better. I’m not as sluggish as I used to be. I can think a little clearer among other benefits. I still have a few hang ups as far as food goes, but I have been researching more about what I put into my body.

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What the Health is a documentary on Netflix about the correlation between diet and certain diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Within the last few weeks, social media has been blowing up about this documentary. At first, I didn’t want to watch it. Ignorance is bliss was strong in my mind. I want to be able to eat “bad” things when I want without feeling like I’m killing myself. We’ve all thought it. McDonald’s isn’t real food. Certain dessert snacks like twinkies use animal fat in the cream. These products are still selling. Some people just don’t care.

Now, transiting into a pesticatarian lifestyle while flirting with veganism, I knew taking the next step was imperative. I didn’t sit down to watch What the Health until I was completely sure that I would be prepared to make the changes to stay healthy after watching.

I was immediately shocked by the research done by Kip Andersen. Meat is associated with causing diabetes and heart diseases?! What? The government is trying to kill us! Well, maybe not kill us…just keep us unhealthy enough to need medications, surgeries and other health care services.

The agenda behind these companies did not shock me while watching this documentary. What shocked me was just how bad certain things I’m still eating are. Lord knows I love a good omelet with lots of cheese. I’ll let you watch the documentary to see how that turned out.

What this documentary did for me was fuel my already concern about what I’m eating. We have to begin to do our own research and actually pay attention to our bodies when we are eating things that we THINK are good for us. When I was eating pork and chicken, I always felt so full afterwards. My acid reflux was horrible on a daily basis. I was sluggish and overweight. I felt puffy. I didn’t want to take acid reflux medicine everyday. I didn’t want stay overweight, but I thought it was just from overeating, not so much what I was eating.

“I can’t give up my bacon. I don’t care what’s in this, I love chicken!” I get it. I’ve heard and said these things myself. Just changing a few of my eating habits has allowed me to see how important it is for me physically and mentally to make this change.

I’m not interested in keeping the government, these big associations and the hospitals wealthy. I’m concerned with my health and the health of those I love.

If you haven’t seen What the Health, please check it out on Netflix now!

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