There is an art to most things and the art of preparing, cooking, and presenting food has always been fascinating to watch, whether you know how to cook or not! In the age of social media we are always posting our meals and plates and as a result have become self proclaimed critics and foodies. The way our food looks is almost as important as it tastes and with Chef Nik Fields’ vision and culinary skills combined, she has mastered how to make food fashionable. Earning the name Nik the Chic Chef from being known to slay looks while serving in the kitchen, she is very aware of her vision and position in the food industry.
“‘I’m different, I bring a new vibe to the culinary industry. Cooking is sexy, fun and fashionable,” the Chic Chef says when asked about how she maintains her visibility in the industry. 
Chef Nik started a non profit that is dedicated to providing food and clean water to villages in the Dominican Republic, Waste Not Want Not Inc. Through her nonprofit ( Chef Nik encourages restaurants and households to limit food waste that could be used to feed low income homes and the homeless. 
“Food is a universal language. Food allows me to breaks down barriers and builds bonds. Which is why I have been named ‘The Foodie with a Cause,” Chef Nik on why she chose a career in the food industry.
Along with juggling being a wife, mother, and grandmother, Nik the Chic Chef manages to run a couple businesses as well. Being the founder of Chic Chef Co., a line of natural olive oils, vinegars, and Artisan products, Nik provides quality products for your everyday cooking needs. Being an entrepreneur seems to come natural to some, but Chef Nik and others like her knows it takes time, passion, vision, and patience to achieve long lasting success.
Chef Nik left us with a few tips on how to strive as a business woman and entrepreneur.
Dev Gillespie: What do you find most challenging about what you do?
Chef Nik: Time! Time isn’t on my side. My brain works constantly. Always thinking of ways to be innovative.
Dev Gillespie: What are some tips you would give someone to make themselves more visible online?
Chef Nik: Focus on your passion and what you do and share it online, Make sure you are always consistent
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