There are so many new crazes that are happening today, that I can’t even Keep up. The truth is, they aren’t anything new, it’s just everyone is starting to pick up on things and making them popular. Remember when kale became the “it” superfood to eat and now it is in everything? Kale had already been around for quite sometime, but in recent years gained popularity. Which is what this post is about, No, not kale but activated  charcoal. So here is the 411 (remember that term back in the day?) on this black powder that everyone is going crazy about.

Activated Charcoal

History: In the 1800s it was found by a French professor that if it is ingested, the charcoal would remove toxins from the body.
What is it…exactly?: Basically activated charcoal is a fine black powder substance that absorbs toxins and build up in your body.
Where can I find it?: You can get the charcoal online by clicking here or health food stores. It is mostly likely going to be fresh and organic. Whatever you do, don’t have a barbeque and take the left over ashes from the grill…it is not the same.
Do I use it/recommend it? I personally use it every other day for teeth whitening. I will be honest, I thought it was silly at first, but I honestly have seen a difference in how white my teeth are. So because I know that it works I would recommend it. Ask your doctor first of course.
Any tips? Don’t give to children unless doctor recommended and closely supervised because the loose powder can cause choking and should not be ingested on a daily basis. For adults, mix it with your regular tooth paste to prevent flying charcoal.
What are other’s saying?: So in my research some people use it for spider and insect bites mixed with baking soda to remove the infection. Others also use it to help push out the effects of food poisoning.
Use the Activated charcoal at your own risk, and if you are going to try it, you have to use it on your teeth, because it does work in my experience. Remember it’s main purpose is to remove toxins so don’t use it too much or it will do the opposite and cause build up.
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