Season Two of Queen Sugar premiered on June 21 and it was everything we dreamed of and more. The program creator, the amazingly talented Ava DuVernay has teamed up with a team of female directors, the OWN network and made magic.

The overall story line of the series is an emotional tale of the Bordelon family coping with the loss of their patriarch on top of dealing with the struggling family farm business he left behind. Ralph Angel and Nova are the product of a marriage, while their sister Charley is the product of an affair. You have to pay real close attention in Season One to catch that little tea. Their Aunt Vi is also mourning her brother and trying to keep his children morally on track.


As if this family dynamic isn’t interesting enough, these characters each has a storyline that could stand as a compelling tale of their own.

Charley Bordelon-West comes in as the business savvy basketball wife of Davis West. Her story has so many layers that its onion worthy. Dealing with the guilt of a distant relationship with her father and siblings mixes in with her cheating husband’s rape allegations, negotiating his career moves and raising a privileged son in America…Lord, I’m tired for her just typing it!

Ralph Angel is struggling to find his identity as a man trying to do right by his family on his own terms after being incarcerated. Being careful with what he exposes his son to, including his recovering drug addict mother, adds so many stressors to his life. The trust in his decision-making skills is often tested but it’s evident that his heart is in the right place…and so is everything else. God really showed out when he made Kofi Siriboe.

The passionate activist that is their sister Nova, is rallying for black men in New Orleans to get a fair shot at life and freedom…but not a shot at love with her. The complexity of her fight and compassion for black men vs the men she is actually attracted to is intriguing but seems to be changing….I’ll leave that there. Don’t want to give too much away.

And then we have Aunt Vi. Her romance with Hollywood, a man nearly two decades younger than her is so refreshing and purposeful that it makes everything right with the world. Even when they break up to make up.

Besides the storyline, The visuals of this series is nothing short of art. From the city life in NOLA to the amazing shots of the family farm, most of the scenes are breathtaking. It touches on a lot of relevant family issues while tackling major societal trials as well. Queen Sugar is definitely a must see.

I didn’t want to give too much away in this blog, but I am more than willing to discuss this show on any social media platform (Follow me at the handles below.) Catch Queen Sugar Wednesday nights on OWN at 9p central. To make it even more exciting, follow along with the hashtag #QUEENSUGAR on Twitter while it airs. Epic commentary.

PS. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate….this.

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Kori Siriboe aka Ralph Angel Bordelon.

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