Got Headaches?

There are 2 sides to everything. When I first started converting to a meatless diet the splitting headaches and cravings for salty foods was insane. Since you currently eat animal products your body is very used to that right now. Like anything your body physically goes through a transition as well. There are awesome positive side effects and there are some not so positive side effects but trust me. The not so positive side effects will pass quickly so you can stick it out and you can use the tips I have to make it easier on yourself.

Positive Side Effects 

Energy – Since you are now eating live foods your energy increases enormously. Meat weighs you down but veggies lift you up.
Porcelain King Visits – As a vegan your body is pouring off wastes. This means all of those toxins are leaving your body. “Goodbye toxicity, hello healthy body!” Those toxins will float right down into the toilet.
No B.O. – You are what you eat and nobody wants to smell like fried chicken. What we eat gets into our pores. When nothing but clean eating is in your pores you have less body odor.
“Glow Up” – You ever see someone that just glows? I mean seriously have you ever looked at a vegan’s skin? It looks amazing.
Fleeky Hair and Nails – Veganism helps you maintain healthy hair and strong nails because you are eating nutritious things that come right off the tree or out of the ground that feed your hair and nails.
Weight Loss – Now if you don’t overdose on the pasta then you can most definitely shed the pounds with veganism.
Less PMS – I used to get cramps all over the place. Without all the meat my cramps are practically non existent.
Focus – We talked about how certain foods weigh us down and even make us sleepy. When we are tired it can be challenging to focus. Eating live foods increases concentration.
Feeling Sexy – Eating foods that energizes you can increase your libido if you know what I mean…

Temporary Negative Side Effects

Trouble Sleeping – Since you’re consuming a different amount of calories your body will need time to adjust. This might change your sleeping patters. Don’t fret you will get used to your new sleep schedule.

Gas – Oh Lawd! The broccoli? Don’t worry the gas is only temporary and your body will get used to it.

Cravings – Of course you’ve been eating chicken nuggets since your first happy meal at the age of four. It’s totally okay. Please don’t beat yourself up it’s normal to crave things you are used to.

Headaches – As toxins leave the body you might feel light headed and tired. One way to relieve this is to drink more water (shoot for a gallon) and stay hydrated with coconut water.

Feeling Emotional – When you tell people that you aren’t meeting up with them for the fish fry because you are eating vegan you might get some funny looks. Some may even make a snide remark. This might make you feel a little emotional. Ignore it and find some community support.

Cheers to Becoming a Fly Vegan,

Domestic Queen V

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