About Us

As a young child, V. Taybron was surrounded by the sweet aromas of her grandmother’s baking.  Annie Ruth Williams was a mastermind in the kitchen, expertly mixing the perfect blends of spices and extracts to whip up delicate pastries and sweets that the entire neighborhood enjoyed.  Vaquesha would watch in amazement as her grandmother would carefully add all of her ingredients to her big mixing bowl. She’d stir her batter or knead her dough and Vaquesha would eagerly await the chance to lick the spoon after Annie Ruth had poured her batter in a pan for banking.  When making cookies, she would allow Vaquesha to stand on a kitchen stool and cut out cookies to sell at her church while telling Vaquesha of how her dream was to own a bakery of her own where she could share her gifts with a wider range of people.  Ambitious as she was, Vaquesha stood with the cookie cutter in her small hand and gleefully promised her grandmother that she would buy her a bakery when she got older. V’s love for baking was developing and being nurtured by a loving grandmother who taught her everything she needed to know to create wonderful cookies and cakes. 

Sadly, Annie Ruth Williams passed away in 1999 when Vaquesha was only 13 years old, but her dream of owning her own bakery still lives on through V’s love for baking—the same love that was developed in the bright kitchen of her grandmother’s home.  Vowing to keep her childhood promise to her grandmother, V has made it her business to buy her grandmother that bakery and pours her love for both her grandmother and her love for baking into her edible masterpieces.  These edible masterpieces are the foundation of her brand, Savor V.  Cookies, pastries, and cakes are no match for Vaquesha’s skills, and she easily creates delectable treats that you may find hard to share with your family and friends as much as you may want to! Desserts for special occasions, everyday affairs, and even desserts for the diabetic sweet tooth are available. V has it all covered! 

Although sweets and treats are the headliners of Savor V’s show, you won’t want to miss the opening acts, either! Savor V provides lifestyle tips for the mind, body, and soul through various mediums including recipes, art, home tips, and an all organic lifestyle. V is indeed the queen of all things domestic and her knowledge will help you bring happiness into your humble home.  Journey with V as she ventures to integrate traditional lifestyles with modern day living and bring you delicacies that are made from scratch and produced with love

The SaVor V Motto

Made From Scratch. Produced With Love.