I love a Metallic Pumpkin and this one is fun and easy to duplicate. Halloween celebrations are fun for me minus all the scary stuff. I’m more of a “less scary stuff more cute stuff” kind of lady. I made two darling pumpkins that I blogged about before the Frosted Pumpkin and the Glitter Pumpkin. This one is the Metallic Pumpkin. What makes this one unique is that it’s not only a gorgeous metallic silver, it’s blinged out!


Krazy Glue


Self Adhesive Pearls

Self Adhesive Rhinestones

Metallic Spray Paint

Butcher Paper

Masking Tape

Disposable Gloves



  1. Lightly wash pumpkin and dry with paper towels (allow to sit and dry completely.)
  2. Set up your supplies in a well ventilated area.
  3. Lay down butcher paper to protect surfaces.
  4. Cover pumpkin stem with masking tape.
  5. Protect hands with disposable gloves and fully spray pumpkin with metallic spray paint.
  6. Allow to dry for one hour and apply a second coat. Let it dry for one more hour (set timer)
  7. Remove masking tape from stem.
  8. Peel the tape off the pumpkin stem.
  9. Grab self adhesive pearls, rhinestones, glue, and tweezers.
  10. Starting at the stem’s base. Pick up your faux jewels with tweezers and add glue to the back and stick on the pumpkin stem.
  11. Apply pearls and rhinestones on the pumpkin stem until it is fully covered.
  12. Allow it to sit and dry overnight.
  13. In the morning you will a perfect Metallic Pumpkin

If you enjoyed that tuturial you will definitely enjoy making the Frosted Pumpkin as well as the Glittered Pumpkin. I would love to see you recreate it send in a pic or simply hashtag #SprinkleYourKnowledge

Let’s keep the world fun with projects like these!




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