If you are new to cooking it can feel overwhelming. Here are a few tips to help you maximize your time and money at the grocery store.

1. Have a List: If you are trying some of my recipes then write down the things you need on a list and get those items. When you have direction in the store then it’s easier.
2. Plan Your Menu: Plan what you are going to have as meals and snacks so you can get what you need all at one time.
3. Don’t Go Hungry: Never go to the grocery store when you are hungry. When you do this your stomach is in charge and not your mind. I’ve went to the store hungry before and bought so many things I didn’t need which can be a total waste of money.
4. Have a Budget: When you know how much money you are willing to spend then you don’t overspend. Say to yourself, “I’m taking $100 to the store and not a dollar more.”
5. Use Coupons: I am addicted to coupon apps. Most stores have them and I download them on my phone. Publix, Kroger, and my absolute favorite Ibotta click this link to be on my coupon team

Farmers Markets
You should definitely shop at your local farmers market. Often times farmers markets are comprised of sellers who grow vegetables locally as a hobby or to help the community. This means you have a lesser risk of pesticides and you are eating the vegetables of someone who loves their own body

What If You Can’t Get to the Farmers Market?
I understand that you can’t always get to the Farmers Market. In that case when you go to the grocery store stay in the produce section, frozen section, and organic section if applicable.

Eat By Color
Over 10 years ago I went to see a medicine woman who told me to “eat by color.” If you want to know if something in the grocery store is healthy or not it will have pigment. It won’t be bleached. White rice has been bleached, most flour has been bleached as well. But fruits and vegetables have color so remember to eat by color.

Let me know if these tips are helpful to you.

Cheers to Grocery Shopping,

Domestic Queen V

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