Halloween season is in full swing so I had to make something yummy yet cute for you guys to try. I love owls they are my favorite birds. I plan on having a pet owl named “Sammy” one day. Anyway while sitting in the middle of the living room floor I was designing my Halloween pumpkins when I said, “Hoot Cakes” are what I need to make. They are absolutely adorable. They look and taste good.

Things You Need

Prepared Chocolate Cupcakes (cake mix or homemade)


Reese’s Pieces

Buttercream Frosting

To Do

If you follow the picture you will do just fine by looking at where everything is placed but reading these instructions will help as well.

  1. Grab your plain chocolate cupcakes
  2. Separate your Oreos in the middle to expose the filling on one half. You will need 2 frosted halves.
  3. Grab one clean half and cut it in half
  4. Get two brown Reese’s pieces candies and an orange or yellow Reese’s pieces for each cupcake.
  5. Use the buttercream frosting as your “glue” and “attach” the 2 frosted Oreos facing up on your chocolate cupcake (as pictured.)
  6. Next, attach the brown Reese’s “eyes” to the frosted halves and lightly press them into the filing (as pictured.)
  7. Last but not least take your clean unfrosted Oreo and cut it in half. The will be your little “owl feathered eyebrows”
  8. Take a little buttercream using it as “glue” and place one above each Oreo “eye” (as shown in the photo.)

That was a hoot! You did it and I’m sure it looks absolutely amazing. Please send me a picture so that I can see it. Use the hashtag #SavorV and I’ll be able to find it.

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