Vitamins are important essentials to our bodies. They help boost our immune system by decreasing our chances of deficiencies, illnesses as well as keep our temple vital and healthy. However, one cannot obtain their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals off of food alone. That is why most of us incorporate taking vitamin supplements (when we can remember). There are some who go for the regular pill made vitamins and there are some who are more for the new gummy vitamins that have hit the shelves in the past few years.

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If you are looking to see which one you should choose, here is a helpful guide as to what kind is best for you.

Advantages of Regular Vitamins:

  • No fillers: this can create a delay in your body absorbing what it needs with artificial ingredients (aka fillers) and disrupting the process of absorption
  • Can be mixed in with smoothies, juice and oatmeal: If you are a person who hates the way vitamins go down, crushing them up and mixing them in your daily smoothie/juice/oatmeal is a great alternative to taking them
  • Cost effective: depending on the brand you buy, they are definitely budget friendly

Disadvantages of Regular Vitamins:

  • Hard to swallow
  • Some can have added fillers
  • Some brands are not budget friendly
  • Some have a weird aftertaste and can upset your stomach

Advantages of Gummy Vitamins

  • Easy to chew: Most prefer they have the ability to chew their vitamins instead of swallowing them; this is also a benefit to those who have problems with swallowing pills
  • Easy on the digestive system and taste buds: Some people have reported they prefer gummy vitamins due their stomachs being able to tolerate the supplement as well as a better taste than regular vitamins
  • Less boring alternative to taking your vitamins daily: Some report that gummy vitamins are a fun and flavorful way that encourages them to take them daily as recommended.

Disadvantages of Gummy Vitamins:

  • Can linger in your teeth: this creates bacteria in the mouth to cling more to your teeth, which can cause tooth decay
  • Some believe it is not as effective as regular vitamins (i.e. lack of essentials can be lost when chewing and become stuck to one’s teeth)
  • Cost more: Gummy vitamins are a little bit more costly than regular vitamins depending on the brand
  • Fillers
  • Some believe that it is not effective: There has been research that both are effective in providing the recommended amount, however, there are some who are still skeptical on these reports

So hopefully you can weigh the pros and cons for yourself. Overall, these different types of vitamins are both still effective in providing what is needed. However, you have to make sure which fits your needs. Make sure you choose the best one to fuel your temple along with a healthy balance of diet and incorporating active lifestyle choices.

Happy Healing!

Mystique Hargrove

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