It’s back to the pumpkin fun for me and this time it had to have some gold bling! Gold is one of my favorite colors and who doesn’t love glitter? The Glittered Pumpkin sounded like the right idea for me. I remember growing up and having art time in school. I couldn’t wait to be called upon to get my art supplies. I used lots of glitter to make magic happen. As I took the glue and outlined hearts, I dumped a ton of glitter on the paper and patiently waited for it to dry. This isn’t any different from what happened last week as I decorated my second pumpkin.


Small Orange Pumpkin

Self Adhesive Spray

Gold Glitter

Butcher Paper

Masking Tape


  1. Lay down butcher paper to protect surfaces
  2. Wash and dry pumpkin
  3. Cover pumpkin stem with masking tape
  4. Fully cover pumpkin with self adhesive spray
  5. Completely cover with gold glitter and allow to dry
  6. Drying time should take approximately 30 minutes
  7. If you have patches, spray once again and cover with glitter and allow to dry

You did it! I would love to see your fabulous work. Be sure to tag me at #SavorV

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