I was on Facebook last week and asked everyone if I was the only childless 32 year old who wanted to decorate pumpkins. Apparently I was not. Everyone wanted to do it too! What made it even better was when I pulled up to Kroger. I absolutely love DIY projects and once I pulled up to the grocery store and saw all of the pumpkins waiting out front for me I knew it was nothing short of Pumpkin fate. I did this super cute pumpkin that you can do at home as well. If you do it you most definitely have to send me a picture because I want to see it.






Small White Pumpkin

Extra Fine Glitter

Spray Adhesive Glue

Masking Tape

Butcher paper (to cover surfaces)


  1. Set out your butcher paper
  2. Clean and dry pumpkin
  3. Cover pumpkin stem with masking tape
  4. Spray pumpkin completely with spray adhesive glue
  5. Begin lightly shaking glitter over entire pumpkin until it is completely covered. Allow to dry for 30 minutes.
  6. If there are still a few patches you can spray the patch and fill it in with glitter.


You are finished! Yay! Be sure to use the hashtag #savorV

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