We all live busy days. Whether it’s work or taking care of the kids, we all need energy to survive. Energy is what fuels our bodies to continue on without wasting away and shutting down (i.e. getting sick or stressed). Eating the right foods daily can help transform your body and provide the needed energy boost to protect the way your body functions as well as prevent future illnesses from developing.

Green Tea

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Known as an “energy elixir”, green tea is loaded with antioxidants and energy boosting properties that can help provide your body with a great “pick me up” with a safe caffeine delivery to your temple. So swap out your daily coffee for green tea and watch your temple thank you for this healthier choice.


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Almonds are a great source to give your body the energy it needs. Not only does it provide a boost in your daily energy, but it also helps with speeding up one’s metabolism. Try sliced almonds in a salad or on top of your favorite grilled meal such as salmon or chicken.

Dark Chocolate

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This semi-sweet (and slightly bitter) treat is packed with healthy antioxidants and energy properties for your temple. Trying some melted as a healthy fondue dip for your favorite fruit is a great way to treat yourself after a hard day.

Chia Seeds

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This new trendy energy food has been making great moves into a lot of people’s diets. Mixed in yogurt or oatmeal, chia seeds are not only energy boosting, but are also packed with omega-3s, fiber, and protein.

Whole Grains

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Great for your digestion due to the awesome benefits of fiber, whole grains are a great source of energy. If you’re not a fan of whole grains, such as breads and crackers, try incorporating these foods with cream cheese spreads, healthy sandwiches for lunch, or other nutritious treats.

There are a variety of foods that can help provide your body with the energy it needs. I hope that you don’t stop at just the list above to help give your temple what it needs daily. Staying away from processed junk and incorporating better food choices will dramatically increase the energy that is needed to stay strong. So quit treating your body like a garbage can and treat it as the precious gift you were blessed with. You only get one!


Happy Healing!

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