Babies go through a host of milestones before hitting age three. From sitting up, crawling and walking, it seems as if our children grow at the speed of lightening. Most of these milestones are enjoyable to witness, however, there is one milestone in particular that is far from enjoyable. Teething. It is the right of passage that all parents must go through, and pray to make it out unscathed. It is a process I am going through with my three month old after finishing up the teething process with my two year old.


In order to ease the symptoms of teething, one must know what exactly are the signs of teething. Per the National Institute of Health’s  website the signs of teething are:

  • Acting cranky or irritable
  • Biting or chewing on hard objects
  • Drooling, which may often begin before teething starts
  • Gum swelling and tenderness
  • Refusing food
  • Sleeping problems

Every child is different. In the case of my two year old, she ALWAYS got a cold when a tooth was coming in, and once the tooth came in the cold disappeared. Medical professionals will tell you that babies developing a fever or diarrhea are not teething symptoms. But parents will tell you different. Especially if the baby has never been exposed to germs in a daycare setting, like my oldest daughter. Of course do not ignore sound medical advice. However, I knew for a fact that a cold and fever were apart of my daughter’s teething symptoms. So how did I soothe my baby when she was going through? Here are five things you can try:

  1. Give lots of snuggles, cuddles and hugs. They are going to be fussy during this time and can use a little extra loving.
  2. Try using a cool washcloth to place on their gums. You can even put in the freezer before placing on their gums.
  3. Breast milk Popsicle. I never tried this with my oldest, but plan to with my new baby girl. They are pretty easy to make and a great way to make sure there is no wasted breast milk.
  4. Amber necklaces are good too. Be mindful not place around your child’s neck. But you can wear it and allow them to chew on it that way.
  5. Teething rings that are not filled with gels are also good for babies to chew on.

What soothing techniques have you tried when your child is teething?


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