Your Kitty Care Survival Guide

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As the summer continues to bring us sunshine, cookouts, bikini weather and happiness, let’s not forget about how it can bring our *clears throat* “va jay jay” into not being so “fresh.”

Admit it, we all hate to talk about it but we NEED to. It’s necessary. How to take BETTER care of your kitty. It’s not cute walking around with a bakery brewing inside of your Victoria’s Secrets or Fruit of the Looms. Because once you neglect your vaginal health, Victoria is gossiping and your Fruit is spoiled. (Just to clarify, I’m talking about vaginal care and not actual kittens. Don’t want anyone lost or confused on this topic).

That’s why I’m here to give you tips on keeping it fresh and healthy.

Here are is your Summer Guide to proper kitty health:

  1. Organic, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: This fountain of awesomeness does WONDERS for your pH health. It’s loaded with benefits of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help detox your body and keep it free from “the itchies and smellies” (i.e. vaginal odor, bacterial infections, vaginal infections, etc). Taking 1-2 tablespoons of it in the morning (mixed with about 1 cup of filtered water) helps your lady parts to get a great start of the day to be sweet and pure.
  2. I.C.D (Keep It Clean & Dry): **Spoiler Alert: Regular soap as well as the over-the-counter (OTC) feminine washes are just terrible and cause much more harm than good.**

 If you want to “freshen up” a bit, using alternative, natural washes WITHOUT the harsh chemicals will do the trick. We’ve all been there. Whether walking around in the heat at festivals or up and down the blocks of downtown in hellish heat wave type of weather and instead ignore the fact that we should pay special attention and definitely nurture our womb. That is why making sure to take a moment to wash/freshen up as well as change your wet, sweaty panties is MUY IMPORTANTE (very important in case some of you guys didn’t understand my Spanglish). Well you’re in luck. You can purchase these natural washes from places like Sweet Spot Atlanta (Trust me, their wash is awesome sauce!) or Lucky Vitamin to check out what they have to offer.

  1. Hedge Trimming: Now, I know most of us either shave, wax or keep it natural, but truthfully, you need to be high maintenance with your kitty. If you’re not, shame on you! Now, I don’t expect you to go completely “Porn Star” bald (don’t judge, you know exactly what I mean) but if you keep “her” nice and trim, there is no need to dread these summer months.

Some go for the low trim while others prefer it to be no hair at all. However you like, if you have a rain forest down there, how can “she” breathe? Think of it like this: fungus grows in dark, humid places. Do you really think it’s wise to walk around with ‘shroom pussy?! (Laugh if you want, but there are some who are walking around smelling like a foul, fishy bakery all because they want to be “free down there.” Again, NOT cute. TRIM THAT BUSH!)

  1. Eat Clean: Self explanatory. Cut the fast food and junk food out. I PROMISE you, your intake of healthy foods like fresh veggies, fruit and water (& less meat) will make you taste and smell sweet. You know how they say if you drink/eat pineapples, it sweetens you “love box”? Well, it’s true, IF you take proper care and maintenance to it. Sure Popeyes sounds good right now (I don’t like Popeyes because I think it’s disgusting and I don’t eat meat so don’t judge me or come for me), but was is NOT good, is your kitty smelling like a landfill. If you love eating meat, fine, no judging, do you. But I PROMISE you that if you cut it down or out of your eating, your love box won’t be so….tart.

*Thank me later when your partner commends you on tasting like a gift basket of sweetness and love.*

  1. If anything else, go see your doctor: Sometimes we can do all the above and yet still NOTHING works. For me, it was getting off of birth control (DISCLAIMER: I’m not a medical professional, so I am not saying get off of your birth control. My gyno who has over decades of holistic medical practice advised me of how damaging it is for the womb and body overall). After I got off of BC, things FINALLY kicked in control and I felt like a woman again. In other cases, it could be numerous things: medications, hormones, chemical imbalance, multiple sexual partners (I’m not judging but if this is what you do, it’s your body’s way of saying stop), etc. Again, if nothing seems to go right, talk to your doctor and maybe they will help assist you on getting it together.

So there you have it, ladies. Here are your Summer tips on how to get through this heat wave with your kitty in control. Remember to NEVER IGNORE THE SIGNS of needing to adjust your lifestyle so that your temple is healthy and free from any “yuckies” that can hit “pause” on some Summer fun.

*Happy Healing*

 Written By: Mystique Hargrove 

Creator of Love, Light, and Flow

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