Why is Vitamin E Important?

For as long as I can remember I've been reminded to eat right. And probably as long as I remember I probably haven't listened. But one of my spring bucket list items (see last months article) is too better take care of my health which includes getting all the vitamins and minerals my body needs. Now you most like know about the basic vitamins like C and D but the one you may or may not be familiar with is Vitamin E.

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What is Vitamin E and why do I need it?

Vitamin E is a fat soluable vitamin and antioxidant. An antioxidant is one of a groupof vitamins that act against the effects of free radicals which can harms cells, tissues, and organs. Antioxidants can also play a role in combating aging related conditions. Vitamin E also essential in forming red blood cells, widening blood vessels and preventing blood from clotting in them. Research relating to the connection between Vitamin E's role in preventing cancer, heart and liver disease, stroke and dementia is still ongoing.

How do I get Vitamin E?

The  most effective ways to get your daily Vitamin E is by the food you eat.  Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils (e.g. wheat germ, corn), nuts (e.g. almonds, peanuts) , seeds (sunflower), green leafy vegetables (spinach and broccoli) , fortified breakfast cereals, fruit juices, etc.

How much Vitamin E do I need?

 The amount of vitamins you need depends on age and gender and other facts such as pregnancy, breastfeeding and illnesses may increase your daily amount.

Infants: 0-6 months:4 mg/day ;7-12 months:5mg/day

Children: 1-3 years: 6 mg/day; 4-8 years: 7mg/day; 9-13 years: 11mg/day

Adolescents: 14-order, pregnant teens and women: 15 mg/day ; Breastfeeding teens and women: 19 mg/day

So as you can see, Vitamin E may not be one of the vitamins you commonly think about but it's one that's definitely necessary. Take the time today to get your vitamins in!

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