Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month
Black History Month is a time to honor and celebrate our culture, as well as acknowledging our ancestors who have made amazing contributions to the development of our country and the world we live in today. Many find it inglorious to only celebrate Black History during the shortest month of the year, however we have the ability to love ourselves, honor ourselves, learn more and teach more about ourselves daily. Our worth is not determined by a man made date placed on our calendar. With that being said, here are some ways to celebrate Black History Month in the month of February as well as ways to carry over the celebration in your everyday life.
Black History Month
There's no "right" or "wrong" way to celebrate Black History, but one thing I've noticed is the lack of diversity in who we bring to the forefront as pioneers within our history. Start with researching different historical figures whose names we don't see as often and share something interested you learned about this person with your social media followers. Before the film "Hidden Figures" recently came out in theaters, the stories of Katherine Johnson, Dorthy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson's contribution to NASA were almost unheard of by mainstream media. Go find more hidden gems and share them!
For a more fun and engaging approach to celebrating Black History Month, turn dinner and a movie into a cultural class. We love to cook on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why not dedicate at least one day in our month of celebration to do the same?! Bring out your great grandma's recipes and actually teach your sons and daughters, nieces and nephews the traditional cooking you grew up on. Honor your own family traditions and accomplishments at this time. For the movie portion of the night I recommend the thought provoking series, "Hidden Colors". The film features scholars and professors telling the real and untold stories of people of color throughout the world. Quiz your kids after each series!
One of the most important things we can do to celebrate Black History Month is make black history. I am a firm believer in putting your time, resources, and money where your mouth is. Offer to help mentor someone in need of guidance, support a local black business, donate to a non profit that was set up to advance black youth or offer your time to help contribute. There are many ways we can use ourselves as a vessel in creating black history and it's important to remember to consider the future in the steps we're making today.
Those are just a few ideas in how you can celebrate Black History Month. Whether you have money to spend to go out and explore historically places or you would just like to become more informed on your heritage, there is always a way to discover more of who you are!
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