Valentine’s Day Yarn Craft

Unless you have been living under a rock or you spaceship has just landed on planet Earth, Valentine’s Day my friend is slowly approaching. Yes, I understand it crept up on you too. I understand, between the Winter Holidays and celebrating the New Year, decorating for Valentine’s Day depending on your pockets might be a day designated for the Hallmark Movie Channel and a bag of Easy-Pop popcorn, but have no fear; I will teach how to decorate your home with Valentine’s Day decor for pennies.

Valentine's Day Crafts

Textured Yarn Valentine's Day Craft

Things you need:

  • Construction Paper/scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Textured Yarn (craft store)
  • Quality Picture Frame

Let's Get Started

1.Draw a large heart on a piece of scrapbook paper.

2. Cut long pieces of yarn in various colors.

3. Then squirt glue all over the heart to get started.

4. Outline the heart with a piece of yarn.

5. Fill in the heart with yarn, piling it on, adding layers and texture

6. When finished with adding the yarn, set it aside to dry and added a bit more glue to the top to once again make sure it stayed put.

7. Once dried, I cut the heart out of the paper and glue it onto another contrasting color to put on display for Valentine’s Day.

8. Place heart in a picture frame

 Valentine's Day Crafts


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