The Spring Fragrance You Need

Champagne is what most of us pull out for  those special occasions.  It’s sparkly and the perfect shade of gold.  Win-Win.  What if you had that same feeling in a fragrance ? 
I think I’ve found the perfect spring fragrance and it’s so reminiscent of champagne or it at least evokes that for me . I think imagery is so important in a fragrance.  Do you agree?
Jo Malone’s Pear English Pear & Freesia is like the CHAMPAGNE of fragrance IMO.  It sparkles with pear and freesia, but has the added lusciousness of rose and even amber.  I mean you can almost smell the bubbles in champagne.  
This fragrance is a simple composition , but has great longevity and makes for a fun fragrance for warmer temperatures. 
Jm’s  Pear & Freesia is the perfect scent for work environments without being overbearing . It suits all ages . You can purchase it right on Amazon click here

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