The Perfect Easter Brunch

Easter is coming up and that means church, family time, and Easter egg hunts. So, how will you host your brunch in the middle of that day with time to actually host and not just cook, right? The key to a perfect Easter brunch is making casseroles or dishes in advance and popping them in the oven once you get home or wake up! Whoever came up with overnight casseroles is a genius! I love hosting a good brunch. I probably host a good brunch once a month with family and/or friends. When having a brunch, you have to include dishes for your vegetarians, meat eaters, and light eaters! Listed below are some of my favorite brunch dishes for your perfect Easter brunch (I have personally cooked these). I have also included the links where you can find them directly on Pinterest. Bon Appetit!



Fruit Tray

Make Ahead Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits

Muffins (Store bought)

Mini Quiches (I purchase these delicious bites from Sams Club, super easy to prepare and get your guest taste buds running)

The Main Dishes

Baked Denver Omelet (omit meat for vegetarian dish)

Oven Roasted Red Potatoes (omit the bacon if desired)

French Toast Bake (Through in some blueberries)

Waffle Station w/toppings

Hashbrown Casserole

Grits (for more flavor cook in chicken broth)

Chicken sausage, Bacon, and/or Turkey bacon


Coffee (Keurig)


Orange Juice, Apple Juice

Mimosa Bar

Cranberry Pineapple Punch

Enjoy, I hope your Easter Brunch is deliciously perfect!

Courtni Reese Mompreneur, self-proclaimed foodie, and a Healthcare Professional. Although originally from Augusta, Ga, she's making her mark in the city of Atlanta. During her free time she loves to explore the hidden food places here in Atlanta, collect recipes, and cookbooks spicing it up in the kitchen. She's currently working on her food blog The Cooking Diary where she is working numerous of hours with hopes to launch this summer. She hopes to instill in people that it's okay to try new things in life. Design a life that you love to live.

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  • Sherrell Womack

    Great post! I am a social butterfly who happens to be a good cook. It’s always great to have easy go to recipes and dishes to highlight the event while giving me time to host and socialize with my guest. Thank you

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