Thanksgiving on a Budget

 Are you looking for tips to handle Thanksgiving on a budget? If so I am here to help. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of food and sharing but it can weigh heavy on your purse. If you want to eat good and lighten the financial burden then keep reading because I have the tips for you.


Create a Guest List

Once you have your guest list you can plan the menu and create a list of items for each guest to bring a specific side, meat, dessert and even beverages.

Create a List/Menu

Don’t try to go overboard just stick with the must haves including meats, sides, desserts and beverages.

Create Grocery List

Try buying items during your regular shopping trips for the whole month of November. You can also try getting nonperishable items during weekly sales.

Create Theme & Coordinate Thanksgiving Decor

Once you have the guest list, created your menu and even shopped now you can focus on your decorations. With Thanksgiving being the fall I would suggest using fall colors of browns, red, orange, yellow and dark green by using items you have around the house.

You can also prepare by downloading the free e-course "Prepare for Thanksgiving." This awesome audio course will give you tips on how to be the Queen of Thanksgiving. Get your gobble on and download the free e-course

Written By: Shirelaih Leisa

Instagram: @__brownbeauty


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