The Spring Nail Trends

Slay Queens, Its is officially Spring, ok so the weather needs to get its life so we can be great, Hair Laid, Face Snatched, Working on the pounds we stored away during winter...But we can bring in Spring with Bright colorful nails in Coral, Teal, Fuchsia, and Nude. Gorgeous glitter, and Some Pretty Perfect Designs...
Here are two of my favorites for spring:
D.I.Y. Marbled Nails
Paint your nails the desired color of choice ( I love to use Teal for this look) 
As they are drying, pick four more nail colors..make sure white is one of them
Pick a finger of choice (your ring finger is always a cute choice) 
One color at a time, wipe off the access paint off the brush and apply a tiny dot on your polished this with all four colors quickly so the paint doesn't dry
Using a toothpick swirl one drop into another, dragging the color to the next drop, and the next.
Gorgeous Right...Apply clear top coat and Walah!!
Color Pop
For this look you need two colors in the same family and a metallic polish...3 in total (example Light pink,Bright pink Silver Metallic)
Take your main color and paint your Index, Middle and Pinky Finger
Use your other color to paint your Ring Finger
For your Thumb, paint your Nail in Metallic for extra drama
Gorgeous Glitter
You will need a Bright Color loose Glitter Pigment
Paint your nails a pretty Nude color
One a piece of paper mix clear nail polish and your loose glitter
After you get the desired level of Glam, apply to two of your nails on each hand ( I always choose two different nails on both hands)
Let Dry and Apply Clear Top coat
Slay On, Queens
Ashley Nicole

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