Spring Bucket List: How and why you should create one

So March is finally here…which means spring (and my birthday is March 30 FYI) is right around the corner. Just like the flowers are blooming and creating new life, this time of  year is a good time to breathe new life into the rest of your year. One really simple way to do this is by creating a bucket list. A bucket list is simply a list of things you'd like to accomplish within your lifetime. 
Why should you create a bucket list?
So often in life we are so consumed by what we should be doing and we never think about the things we want to do. We take life so seriously and we can sometimes forget that life is fleeting and we only have a small window to achieve the things that we want to achieve.
How do you create a bucket list?
Creating one is super easy. You can either make a list in your journal or you can use my personal preference Pinterest. I like using Pinterest because I can add pictures and create as many boards as I want. 
I believe this season is the season to dream big and realize your dreams. Life is definitely too short to let your desires pass you by. Enjoy this spring season and write down that vision .
Jasmine Christian is an aspiring blogger, single mom to a 4 year old son and student of life from Danville, VA. She enjoys holistic living, spending time with family and friends, writing and listening to trap music. To connect with Jasmine follow her on Facebook Jasmine Christian, IG @wherethewildthingsare222 and SC @dragonlady91.

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