Oatmeal Facial Cleanser

This one may sound a bit quirky, but just hang in there with me ok? 
One of my most handy methods for skin preservation is keeping it clean and moisturized. Yeah, I know you wanna neglect taking care of your skin but it’s necessary. Trust me! The following skin ritual will help keep the skin clean and moisturized, but the best thing about it is that it's all natural and can be found in your kitchen pantry!
What you will need:
Quick Cooking Oats(no packets)
1 Large Bowl 
1 Large Bowl of Cool Water
Hand Towel
What You Need to Do:
Take a palm size amount of the oats. Making a fist with your hand, run  warm water through the opening of your fist, just enough to soak the oats, while still keeping the oats in your hand? Too stressful?  Okay, you can also simply mix a palm-sized amount of oatmeal with warm water in a bowl, only adding 1 TB at a time, until it’s a smooth, creamy texture. You don’t want to be left with too much water or too dry of a texture. 
Once you have the right texture, add the creamy oats to your face and massage in, avoiding your eyes. DO NOT do this over a sink to prevent clogging.  This is where the bowl comes in.  Even if you use the palm method, a bowl is still needed.  You will use the bowl to catch the oats that will be falling off as you massage your face. It can be messy, but worth it. After cleansing, soak a hand towel with the cool water in the bowl and wipe your face over the bowl, removing all of the oatmeal.  Follow-up with moisturizer. 
The oatmeal will not only clean your face, it will exfoliate it at the same time. Even better, it’s anti-inflammatory! So, if you have acne or other skin issues, it will calm it. It even has antioxidants. Hey now, oatmeal for the win!
There you have it. A cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliant in one! Do this and you should see your skin really come alive!
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