Naturally Remove Blackheads

Blackheads are those annoying little things that clog the pores. There are so many chemicals in the air that can irritate our faces. Every week I break out the activated charcoal to make sure that my face stays toxin free, smooth, and pretty. Activated charcoal has many benefits and I'm not talking about the charcoal you use to fire up the BBQ pit. It is made from coal or wood and is most known to treat drug overdose and poisoning because toxins bind to it. This is why it works for the face. The toxins and black heads in the face will bind to the activated charcoal face mask. You can get activated charcoal online here on Amazon (I love Amazon Prime.) Or you can get it from your local health food store. Just follow my easy recipe.

Blackhead Removing Face Mask


3 tsp activated charcoal

9 tsp elmer's glue


Mix charcoal and glue together. Carefully apply to face using a makeup brush. Be sure to stay away from the eyes, eyebrows, and your hair. It's glue so you don't want to snatch off your eyebrows (that would be a tragedy lol.) 

Once applied to the face set a timer and leave on for 30 minutes. The mask will dry and harden on the face. It might even feel tight. Once the time is up peeling from the top down slowly and carefully remove the mask from your face. You will see all sorts of wonderful icky-ness on the peeled mask.

Rinse face with warm water. Wash with a mild soap. Moisturize and go be beautiful! Don't forget to pick up your activated charcoal from Amazon right here!

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