Meal Prep Hacks

Fall is right around the corner and with that comes the end of the carefree summer season. Kids are back in school, after school and after work activities are about to fill up the calendar, and so on. With that being said, I highly recommend meal prepping your food for the week to help ease the chaos.

Meal prepping allows you to plan out your meals for the week and cook them so you can spend more time on your hobbies, with your family, etc.

Here are some of my most efficient meal prepping hacks!

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Write out your grocery list

Meal prepping involves meal planning! Write out exactly what you’re making for the week and all the groceries you’ll need. Have a set budget for how much you want to spend and when you go to the store, only buy those items! Sticking to your list is the key to sticking to your budget. Those few random items you pick up while walking around the store add up and will cause you to blow your budget.

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Have proper storage containers

Whenever I meal prep, I make three categories of foods – protein, starch, and vegetable. I’m able to keep my food fresh during the week by properly storing it in Tupperware. What’s even better about my Tupperware is that it has 3 different compartments so I can keep my protein, starch, and vegetables separate. The separate compartments allow each food to keep their flavor and certain foods that involve sauces to not make everything soggy.

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Cooking one protein multiple ways

It’s cheaper to buy meat in bulk so I normally pick 2 proteins that I’m going to eat during the week and then make them a variety of ways using different sauces so I don’t get bored eating the same thing everyday. For example, season your chicken three different ways and cook them all at the same time on the same pan.

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Prep your snacks

Don’t forget to pre-portion your snacks! Pre-portioning snacks such as nuts and trail-mix is always a good idea. The recommended serving size for nut based snacks is usually ¼ cup, but eating straight out of the container, we always go over this and mess up our calorie intake goals! Measure out exactly what ¼ cup is and put it in a snack sized baggie. Also go ahead and measure out your fruit and veggies so everything is cut and pre-washed when you’re ready to snack.

You don’t have to cook everything at once

A lot of people meal prep by cooking everything on one day at the same time. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you’re cooking things that don’t spoil quickly and you plan to eat the meals that spoil faster first. However, some things really are better hot and fresh out the oven. When this is the case, don’t worry about cooking it immediately, but still go ahead and prep it. For example, you can marinate your meat for dinner the day before so when you get home from work, all you have to do is cook it.

Written by: Ivory Hargrove

CEO of Say Yes To The Dressing


Instagram: @SayYesToTheDressing.ATL



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