Last Minute Gifts to Woo For V-Day

Valentines Day is literally right around the corner and if you are like me you try to always make the one you love feel special on this day. Now most of us (namely ME!!!) like to wait until the very last minute to run out grab a gift, run home set up, and act as if we have prepared for weeks for this day. Well I'm going to try and make it a bit easier for you this year. Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for the one you love:

1. I love a good smelling man so my go to is always a fresh bottle of cologne (make sure you know your significant other well enough to know what they like so they'll want to wear that fragrance!)

2. Another favorite of mine is something that takes little time but you have to pay attention to detail. My boyfriend LOVES candy so what I did on our first Valentine's Day was remembered all the candy that I saw him eating went to Walmart got a bag in his favorite colors (Black and Gold, he's an Alpha man πŸ€—), I then went to the candy aisle and racked up on his favs. Not only was he beyond appreciative I saved him money for about 3 months because he didn't have to buy any candy...😜

3. I am a flowers kinda girl I love them and I want them every day but if your significant other isn't into that I found an alternative to that a few years back. Instead of the normal bouquet of flowers you make a bouquet of coupons of their favorite things. For example coupons for date night, home cooked meals, a lil something else (judgement free zone) but you get the idea. It's always fun and inexpensive of your budget is tight.

4. There is this horrible cliche that the woman is to be wined and dined on Valentine's Day. NOT TRUE!!! Now if you are as lucky as me you have a guy you treats you like the queen you are every day of the year so it's ok to the be the one doing the wining and dining. Plan an amazing dinner at his favorite restaurant, pick him up, have flowers (or something he likes) waiting in the car, PAY THE TAB (told my friend about this a few years ago and she made him pay πŸ˜’) and make the night all about him. Trust me it pays off in the end...

5. My last gift idea is something that I feel is always a give and it won't cost you a thing...SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION!!! The person who truly loves you wants nothing but your love and appreciation in return. This is something you don't have to just do on Valentine's Day but you do this year round!!

I hope you have an amazing Valentine's Day loves!!!

Alicia Gibbons, Georgia native and lover of life. Current law student out here trying to change the world one day at a time. To connect with Alicia twitter and IG: goaldigga_ali

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  • Dinika

    These were great ideas Alicia! I think I’m going to get me a last minute boo and hook him up with an idea or two. Lol

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