How to Throw a Poppin Potluck

The official sign of Spring is when you start smelling the food on the grills outside. Depending on where you are, most of us are tired of the gloomy winter weather and are ready to bring some life and fun into the year. Throwing an official BBQ or potluck to jump off the Spring will set the tone of where the potential poppin' spot will be for the remainder of functions throughout the year.


Throwing a fun and successful BBQ or potluck comes down to a few crucial things that you must have if you don't want to read the shade your attendees will throw the next day online if your get together isn't put together properly. Here are a few tips to consider at your next BBQ or potluck:

Organized Food: Believe it or not, people actually throw potlucks, BBQs, or get togethers without having planned out a proper menu. You need to decide if you'll do the majority of the cooking and have your guest bring sides, refreshments, or desserts or if each guest has a specific dish that they are responsible for bringing and contributing. This way there won't be confusion about who is bringing what because you would have already made it clear what type of party it is. I also think having a variety of food that will serve vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters is a great idea so that everyone can enjoy their time spent.

Music/Entertainment: No one wants to go anywhere where the environment isn't welcoming or awkward. Instead of just talking among yourselves, have a few playlist set up to play in the background with a variety of genres of music. If you have a gaming system, like Wii, have a few dancing games or competitive games your guest can play. You can never go wrong with a deck of cards and a good card game either.

A Kids Section: A lot of the time our get togethers are more of a family time and this includes kids. While the adults are adulting, have something fun the kids can do. It can be something as simple and easy as coloring books, iPad/computer games, or movies. When I was growing up we use to play outside and do actual kid things so I would definitely encourage jump roping, old school foot races, or grabbing some type of yard game that can be played.

Make Your Set Up Simple: To avoid some of the inevitable clean up, have your set up as simple as possible. Make sure all of the food is being served in one area, drinks are being poured in one area, and trash is being disposed in one area. This way you won't be finding plastic cups and left over food in random areas because you have specific areas set up for specific things.

The next time you are hosting be sure to keep these simple tips in mind for throwing a smooth and fun potluck!


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