How to Know if the Gift is from the Heart?

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many people are still trying to finalize their perfect date night with their significant other. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, the malls have been packed with people trying to locate the perfect gift too!
Gifts From the Heart
A Rolex, Celine bag, Giuseppe shoes, and wads of cash like these pictures circulating on Tumblr and Twitter are good gifts, and Valentine if you read this I will still accept it, but what we all want is something meaningful that epitomizes what we mean to you and vice-versa.
The perfect gift is the Reason.
What I want is a heartfelt letter letting me know the reasons you love me. It’s not out of being insecure about if you truly love me or not, but I believe in letting people know what they mean to you. Come February 14th, the caption “What’s Understood Doesn’t Need To Be Explained” will be trending, but I know that an explanation that you actually took the time to write out would be so rewarding. Also, for your significant other it will make you feel more appreciative of your Valentine and the relationship you share. A sincere expression of your love means so much more that any over-sized teddy bear or box generic chocolates.
Tara is a young and outgoing native of Portland, Oregon currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Tara came to Atlanta in 2011 attending Clark Atlanta University obtaining her degree 4 years later. Tara graduated with her Bachelor’s in Speech Communications and a minor in Spanish. Now, a Vice President of one of CAU's championship dance organizations and works with children age 5-12. Tara enjoys choreographing and performing in her free time as well as cooking and reading. Tara is a very creative person, full of life, truthful and outspoken. She prides herself on always being true to herself and working hard to better herself and the people around her.

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  • Ebony

    Beautiful piece! This really resonance with me and it captures the true meaning of love and a fruitful relationship. I’m looking forward to reading more…!

  • Tracey B

    Beautifully written. Bravo for getting to the real meaning of love and this day. I wish more people truly understood what Valentine’s Day is really about and didn’t get so caught up in how much was spent on them. I don’t need you to spend a dime on me to prove your love. Your love and support are all I need. Wonderful job!

  • Keake

    “A sincere expression of your love means so much more that any over-sized teddy bear or box generic chocolates.” Well said! If you love me, say it.

  • Antjuan Parker

    Very well said, most people your age don’t get the meaning of most holidays, it’s very refresh in to see a young lady who wants more than , just glitz & glamour… Excellent job ,Tara……..

  • Angela B.

    My sentiments exactly… Don’t get me wrong I love gifts but there nothing like words of affirmations from the one you love. Great article, looking forward to seeing more from you. XOXO

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