How to Create a Home You Love

You can’t ever forget about the little corner of the Earth you are blessed to call “home”.  To help spark your “Love Jones for your home” creatively, here are 3 must haves to fall head over heels for the place where you lay your head.



Personality.  When someone walks into your dwelling, whether it’s a dorm room, bedroom or just simply a living room, there should be no question that you are the person who lives there.  Studies have shown when a home is devoid of personal touches, the atmosphere is collectively depressing.  Are you an eccentric bookworm who loves fuzzy slippers and tea party collections?  Let your home decor scream it from the ceiling...well not if you live in an apartment building, but you get the idea.


Essential Oils.  There is something so welcoming and spirit lifting about spending any amount of time in a space that smells good.  Looking to enjoy these feelings naturally?  Essential oils (Aromatherapy) are definitely the way to go.  The theory behind aromatherapy is when you inhale essential oils, your olfactory system (the part of your brain that controls smell) is stimulated.  It then signals the part of your brain where emotions and memories are housed causing a specific emotion or memory to be triggered.  Remember that song “Exclusively” by Jill Scott? That’s the concept of aromatherapy at work.  Want an inviting space?  Bergamont will be your best friend.  Just want to relax?  Lavender or Jasmine will help you wind down without that pesky waist expanding caloric intake.  A girl can’t beat that now can she?


A space in your place.  As a Certified Stress Management Coach, one of my favorite recommendations for my clients is to create a space in their home where they can recharge and de-stress, uninterrupted.  When creating your “you” space, incorporate items that will enhance your relaxation experience like pillows (lots of them), candles (yes flame-less works), your favorite tunes and of course items such as a journal, book to read or even coloring pages.  Need an affordable space divider so the time you spend in your newly created in home relaxation retreat remains distraction free?  Hang sheer curtains from the ceiling for a quick and easy separator.  Combined with your other stress reducing components, you are sure to be on a quick trip to the rejuvenation station.

Once you execute these must haves, you’ll be so in love with the place you call home, you won’t ever want to leave; effectively making it the place to be. Thankfully, online shopping is actually a thing nowadays.

Dinika Hightower LMT, CSMC aka "The Concierge of Relaxation" is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Stress Management Coach. As an advocate for self-care, Dinika helps her clients to incorporate innovative, yet simple techniques to increase productivity and overall well-being through relaxation and stress management. Her focus in the Savor V Community is on creating a StressLess Home.  On a personal level, Dinika loves music, being a tomboy turned Domestic Diva, a good laugh and bright colors. To learn more about Dinika, visit her online at or follow her on Instagram: @dinikahightower

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  • Tikisha

    This post just gave me so much joy. As a new homeowner and a lover of clean, pretty spaces this has inspired me to put some extra love into the details of our sacred spaces. I love the idea of the sheer curtains!

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