Hangover Detox Cocktail


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Whether you indulged too much of your auntie’s marinated BBQ chicken and ribs, seafood salad/pasta, mac & cheese with that side of smoked turkey greens plus all those variety of pound cakes and cobbler dishes you just had to sample (*wipes the drool*) from yesterday’s cookout or took it too far with the drinking games with the crew, we’ve all been there.


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Pic From: http://bit.ly/29HODFL

The day after results in bloating, upset stomach, blotchy skin, and possibly an annoying headache. It sucks to wake up feeling like you made a huge mistake on that 3rd or 4th plate of food or even that last cocktail mix with the tequila shot afterwards (party much?), but that is the beauty of “Recovery Day.”

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When you put your body through lots of food intake and/or alcohol binging, it automatically recovers itself while you nap or sleep the rest of the day or night away (no judging), resulting in your body providing you, “The Host/Hostess That Did The Mostest”, the consequences of overindulging and pushing it past its limits.

But don’t worry, I have a great 1 Day recovery mix that will reset your body’s condition (but I won’t promise you it will turn back time to you making the mistake of doing the most). I’ve experienced the food/alcohol hangovers before (pre-mommy days, hey, we’ve all lived a little too much right, again, “Judge Free Zone”) but I have passed this concoction down along with my family and friends who have the joys of partying hard and chowing down even harder. I call it my “Hangover Detox Cocktail.” 

I will warn you, it’s healthy and it may or may not taste as good, but it serves you right for not listening to your body (or your conscious) to slow down and chill at that cookout or saying “no” to your homie/homegirl when they “peer pressured” you into taking that 5th shot (again, no judging).

Hangover Detox Cocktail 

3 tbsp raw and organic ACV (apple cider vinegar, Gragg’s is a popular brand)

2 tbsp of raw honey (warm up to soften and melt a little bit for easy mixing)

4 cups water (purified/filtered preferred)

3 lemon slices (cut thin, into half sizes) or 3 tbsp lemon juice (from a real lemon)

3 slices of fresh ginger root or ½ cup of ginger root tea

(not from the tea bags but brewed straight from the ginger root: add sliced ginger root into water and boil for 2 minutes. Let it steep/sit in water for about 10 minutes and cool. Strain into a cup and use sliced ginger to consume or add into drink)

2-3 mint leaves

The breakdown of the ingredients and their properties:

Raw, organic ACV: known for it’s amazing benefits such as being antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and also detoxes toxins from the body internally and resetting your digestive system’s routine to be back on track.

Raw honey: not only used to sweeten the taste, but also has antibacterial properties that help settle the stomach in case those nasty parasites you may have came into contact with when someone left that potato salad out too long and you didn’t notice (aka food poisoning).

Purified/filtered water: the purer the water, the better it can soak up ALL the nutrients of the ingredients without that nasty fluoride in most water (i.e. tap). If you did come into contact with food poisoning, the fluoride and other “added chemicals” in regular tap can cause more harm than good to your recovery.

Lemon: this citrus addition provides a nice and refreshing cleanse and detox of the toxins from your body

Ginger root: this root has amazing properties that help heal the stomach for a soothe and ease effect

Mint: not only does it provide a refreshing charge to the tongue but also acts as a soothing and calming ingredient for the upset stomach

Now that you know what all of these do, now it’s time to make your cocktail!


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Combine all ingredients in a large thermos or an old water bottle (a larger one preferred, about 40 oz), shake it up and then drink up. Drink this until it’s ALL gone.

Now I will warn you, this does NOT taste like beach waves and a cool breeze. However, your body will thank you for it.

Fair warning: Also, you will be meeting up with the restroom a lot so I advise you to clear your schedule. However, everyone’s body is different, but take caution FIRST. Better safe than sorry.

By the end of the day or tomorrow morning, your body should feel like it went through a spa day adventure (aka refreshed). If your stomach is still a little queasy, EAT LIGHT! Do not start going in again. Give your temple time relax, recover and recharge. Oh, and be more careful! Think before you eat & drink! It’s not cute to have your tummy in shambles. NOT cute at all.

Happy Healing!

Written By: Mystique Hargrove

CEO of Love, Light, and Flow


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