Foods That Melt Belly Fat

It’s almost time for summer dresses, cute short shorts, sandals and crop tops. (cues dramatic sound).

Crop tops you say? Yes, I do. I’m a fan of crop tops. I love them. However, a lot of us aren’t blessed with the gift to have natural flat tummies and six pack abs. We have to work hard for them. In fact, I, myself, am on a “Mission Snapback Vixen Body” flow to gain the courage to rock a crop top with pure and radiant confidence by Spring time (or at least when it’s about to peak into the Summer). I am working out daily (or at least try to if I have time between school and my super active toddler) and continuing to improve my food intake for my temple.

It is so hard trying to stay “Team Healthy Curves” when you have a busy schedule. However, there is hope! I can give you the scoop on how to melt belly fat with these awesome and tasty foods that guaranteed to trim your waistline (Along with exercising of course! I cannot stress this enough. I.e. strength training is key)

Let’s jump right into it!


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 Almonds are known to be loaded with healthy fats (such as omega-3), vitamins, proteins and minerals that help provide the body what it needs to melt fat. You can eat these as a snack by itself, mixed in with dried cranberries and granola or add these to your oatmeal for breakfast. Unless you have a nut allergy, I highly advised against consuming this food.


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This tasty food is known to beneficial to the assistance of shedding fat cells in the belly and creating a slimmer waistline. Known as a “healthy fat,” this awesome and amazing produce (as you can tell, I love avocados), is a great substitute as a sandwich spread to replace mayo, sliced in salads or on top of toast (I squeeze a little lime juice and add a slight dash of cayenne pepper or drizzle sriracha sauce or olive oil on top) or can be mashed into a great dip. YUM!      

Hydrating Fruits with Fiber

Keeping the body hydrated is key to slimming down and shedding those unwanted pounds. Water from fruits especially, such as apples and pears, are key foods that help provide not only vitamins and minerals but also fiber to your diet. Fiber is an excellent source in keeping your colon healthy and free of any toxins or gut bacteria that could build up, causing digestive illnesses such as irritable bowel movement, diverticulitis, as well as possible colon cancer. Plus, they can help to manage bloat in the stomach lining, allowing you to have more “regular days.” Try either eating sliced apples with almond butter drizzled in honey or have a chopped salad for a sweet and healthy snack. 

Extra Helpful Tip

Exercise is Key!

Please remember that it is super important to also incorporate exercise as well. In order to get rid of excess waste that could be the cause of belly fat, you must be aware of what you consume as well as become active in your workout lifestyle (if it exist). There are no quick gimmicks or magical pills and shakes that can get rid of fat. Your body will always store fat for the sake of NEEDING it (i.e. for starvation mode and survival if not being provided with the essential foods it needs daily). Incorporating strength training in your workout regimen is helpful. No this will not “bulk you up,” but it will provide definition and tone to your body (especially your stomach area) and also helps to smooth out those fatty lumps and dimples (i.e. cellulite) to get you twirling in your bikini body in no time!

*Note: If you are feeling as if this is too good to be true, please check out my journey below. I was placed on a 30-day detox regimen (by the guidance of my yogi mentor), incorporated these foods into my diet (along with eliminating certain foods) and viola!

Mystique is a proud boho mother, wellness consultant, foodie, dance instructor and yogi who currently studies Nutrition at Georgia State University. She plans to one day open up her own mentoring world of knowledge and skills of all things wellness to the community and families in need. Follow her on Instagram: @QueenOfTheBoho

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