Fitness Trends vs. Real Science


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Now I will probably offend a lot of people who are affiliated with the following:

  • Waist Trainers
  • It Works
  • HerbaLife
  • Flat Tummy Tea
  • BeachBody
  • Any other “wellness products” that promote weight loss
*Takes a long and peaceful exhale. Steps up on soapbox and speaks into the mic.*
You are promoting garbage and lies!

It seems that instead of going to a LICENSED nutritionist/dietitian or some other LICENSED health professional who has studied YEARS in this stuff, you listen to what is “trendy, quick and easy.” Not knowing, losing weight and getting one’s health together is about scientific facts and not what your auntie/cousin/co-worker is telling you what you should do to lose weight and have healthy curves all because of what some brochure/general information/their “executive level” team leader “educated” them about.

Now I’m not a licensed health professional (YET, currently in school for it though), but my many mentors and those who I consult with on a daily basis who are (both in the medical and holistic/alternative backgrounds), always make sure they enlighten me to pass on FACTS and not what someone is trying to sell you all because they say so.

  1. Waist trainers are NOT your friends. They are the devil towards your health: Think about it. Do you REALLY think that something that you place around your stomach area all while you can barely breathe nor comfortable walk around or sit down in, is healthy and great for weight loss? You do realize that this is causing more harm than good on your internal organs? You know, your intestines, kidneys, not to mention your rib cage area? Is it worth having this “trainer” cause further health complications in the future? Think about that as I school you on the next topic.
  2. NO high priced tea/shake/other garbage “wellness package” they trick you into buying, will help you lose weight: It’s true that you can go on a detox but that only is for a reset to cleanse toxins, NOT FAT.

Here are ways to lose weight and enhance curves. Are you ready? Get ready for this.

*cues dramatic drum roll*

  1. Eat clean and in moderation: That means cut out those awful fast food runs, STOP buying canned foods (i.e. veggies, meat *dramatic throw up sound*), and limit frozen foods. (Notice how I mention nothing about those fake weight loss shake regimens or “diet teas.”). Have one or a few “no meat” days (FACT: Meat has been linked to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other illnesses. This is called decades of research that is currently ongoing to this day. Plus I’m also biased to not eating meat at all. *cheers* Go Team No Meat! *Vegetarian Flow*)
  2. Exercise: This is self-explanatory. Believe it or not, you can actually sculpt your body with exercise if you want better/healthier curves.
  3. If you are having problems losing weight, talk to a licensed professional: They didn’t go to school all those years and rack up thousands in student loan debt for nothing. The body and wellness is all about science. Everybody is different. So just because this chick with the “coke bottle body” says this tea and shake along with her waist trainer helped her “get fit and slim down”, doesn’t mean it’s for you (*Spoiler Alert* She’s paid to say that and is more than likely naturally fit/exercises 3 or more times a week with her personal trainer and has her own licensed dietitian/nutritionist.)

So there you have it, ladies. Again, I will not apologize for exposing the TRUTH versus selling you lies like most are doing nowadays. In order to get those amazing curves, you have to do research and speak to those who are TRAINED/CERTIFIED/LICENSED in this field.

So for your home girl selling those trainer-tea-shake bundle deals, I hate to say it (actually I don’t) but she has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. She gets her information from her “seller package” and “executive level” leader who is “mentoring” her on what to say and/or do to break your account. *shrugs* It doesn’t come from years of school, internships and, oh yea, a health career on how to properly provide nutrition advice and knowledge to clients.

But I mean, it’s your health. So you choose (but choose wisely).


Happy Healing!

-Mystique Hargrove

IG: QueenOfTheBoho

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