Easy Holiday Cocktails

Easy Holiday Cocktails

It’s that time of the year again! A crisp breeze in the air, cute boots, scarves, warm cardigans and as always, some holiday “spirits”. Most of the time as a Domestic Queen, between juggling work, being a mom, stress, work, stress, lack of a social life (oh, did I mention stress?), there is nothing like centering yourself for a peaceful and soothing cocktail. However, nowadays, it’s hard to do homemade cocktails without the hassle of using multiple ingredients.

But I’m here to save the day!

Here are some super EASY, and I mean EASY, holiday cocktails for your soul.

Spiked Apple Cider


Image Source: Hamilton Beach


1 container of apple cider (store bought, already made. Trust me, it takes a minute to make homemade apple cider)

1 cup of your favorite “spirit” (I like Hennessy. Don’t judge me, I’m Team Brown. However, using rum is also a good touch to this drink)

Slices of oranges and sticks of cinnamon (optional; for an nice touch)

Mix apple cider and “spirit” in a 2 liter pitcher. Stir. Add slices of oranges and cinnamon sticks for an added flare. Pour into a glass of ice and enjoy!

Note: If you prefer a little “kick”, you may add an additional 1 cup of “spirit” to the cider if you prefer your concoction to be strong. (Judge free zone).

Island Mami Paradise

Image Source: She Knows

*in those cold days of depressing, harsh winds and cloudy skies, this is a PERFECT way to escape*

1 bottle of white sangria (yes, there are white sangrias)

1 cup of coconut rum/your favorite tequila

½ cup of pineapple juice

Slices of fresh pineapples and cherries (for some prettiness)

1 sprig of mint (for garnish, if you have time or even care)

Mix white sangria, rum/tequila, and pineapple juice in 2 liter pitcher. Add slices of fruit, garnish with mint leaf (if you care) and enjoy!

Note: If you want a little bit more island, add a shot of tequila for some kick!


 Written By: Mystique Hargrove

Yogi x Mommy x Healer

Instagram: @QueenoftheBoho

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