DIY Lip Exfoliator

Welcome Winter!!  Well… SORT OF! Guys, I’m really saying winter as light-hearted as I can.  Living in Texas can be quite the challenge when it comes to the polar season. For example, in January, you may have a day or two in the mid 70s, and the next day, it drops to 30 degrees!  Whaaaat!?
Yep, this is how we roll here. For those days when it’s super cold outdoors, it’s very important not to neglect your lips. In winter they can get dry and begin to chap which is not what we want. I have a quick, easy, and effective way to exfoliate your lips. It will increase the blood flow and circulation in your lips to keep them healthy in the winter.
Warm Water
What you will need:
Hand Towel
Warm Water
What You Need to Do:
Wet one end of your hand towel with warm water. Squeeze out the excess water. Take the damp end of the hand towel and gently massage it over your lips in a circular motion. Do this until there is no rough area on your lips. Follow- up with your favorite lip balm or lip moisturizer. That’s it! Easy peezy! 
Now your lips are gloriously soft with little effort!
Happy Winter!
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