Coconut Water for Glowing Skin

Today Coconut is all the rave over the internet for body care. Coconut oil, milk, crème, and water is not to be left out either. We all know water is the best form of hydration for our bodies but is Coconut water a strong Competitor to give us healthy skin? Can coconut water really make us feel amazing and make our skin glow like a bronze
Goddess in the middle of a Caribbean island? I had to do my own test with this water just to see first of all, how it taste and all that I learned about this "miracle water," as some people treat it to be. Check the questions below to see if it's something you want to incorporate in your daily diet to improve your skin's appearance. Class is now in session....
What is Coconut Water?: Basically it's the liquid inside of a young green coconut that has been harvested at around 5 to 6 months.
What are the benefits of Coconut water?: Great for Hydration and also helps with weight loss and detox because of it's diuretic properties. Coconut water contains a lot of potassium which can help with your sodium  levels. Lastly if you lack magnesium, drink coconut water to help with stress and Relaxation.
How Much Coconut Water should I drink?: Because Coconut water is so high in potassium you don't want to over do it and it should not be drank in place of water. It is not clear in research the ounces in a day so be careful in over-consumption.
Does coconut water really help your skin?: Drinking it can help in a major way with dehydration for dry skin, and everyone knows hydrated skin looks much better than dry skin. You can also apply it topical as well to help add hydration instantly, such as applying it to your washcloth.
Time for a pop quiz!...Just kidding, In conclusion the consumption of coconut water is good for your body and skin causing the hydration your skin needs to be plump and healthy. Remember not to drink too much of it, but we knew that because as the old saying goes, "everything in moderation."
Ebony Hinton is a self-proclaimed women empowerment writer for, she is a loving mother and a spicy wife. All her roles in life make her who she is and she walks in them proudly. Ebony has written for companies that pride her for warmth in her writing. Her main goal is to help women to know that it’s ok to be confident, feel sexy, and take care of you. Follow Ebony on social media, Instagram: @herlifeonpurpose and Twitter:@hlifeonpurpose

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