Cake N’ Cuisine Amazes Atlanta!

This weekend me and over 90+ guests got their “whoolllleeee LIFE” after attending the SOLD OUT Cake N’ Cuisine soiree. This event was held at a beautiful art studio in the exclusive neighborhood of Buckhead. The location could not have been more perfect as the food offerings were compelling enough to be considered works of art all on their own. All six of my senses were tantalized, teased and, satisfied all at the same d@*n time. In addition to plush, beautiful and elegant scenery, my taste buds danced with captivating flavors. The city of Atlanta was blessed with two food greats... insert V. Taybron of Savor V.  and Caribbean Chef Sanje Harris. This was one event that was created for foodie Gods and Goddesses alike. Step into the world of the first of many upcoming Cakes N’ Cuisine affairs.

Chef Sanje Harris is award winning chef with over several years of professional experience. He hails from the island of Antigua and has had a passion of presenting the tastiest culinary works of art since the tender age of eight. His food is full of spice, heart and soul. The Collards were enough to deliver you from any heartbreak or sorrow you may have been feeling for however long. His Jerk Chicken was powerful enough to heal any bouts of depression or unhappiness for that matter. You couldn’t help but know that you were ALIVE after eating his amazing offering of rustic Caribbean cuisine.

Chef Je’s (Short for Sanje) story is just as raw and inspired as his food selections. His grandmother was a cook for the Salvation Army, (which he shared with me was created from a church… [Saying in my head] PREACH). I can't forget to mention his sister who was in the building. She is his biggest supporter and lifeline. After one bite, you know exactly who Chef Je is, as he simply put it when asked how he would describe his style of cuisine he stated, “It’s simple. Clean. Organic Caribbean food. I cook from the heart.” Translation – CHECK MY BROTHA OUT, the FOOD IS HITTIN! – You can follow Chef Je @imchefje on Instagram and also his website

[Shouting] Veeeeeeeeeeee!” V. Taybron of SaVor V, that is. V is the formula of passion, purpose and, epic DOPENESS. This petite beauty is packed with audacity, heart and most importantly her collection of sweets is EXPLOSIVE. Whoever said organic and sweets don’t go together, are WRONG and should be ejected from the game of culinary arts. There is a reason V. Taybron’ s last name ends with “Bron” she is the MVP and Champion of delectable, and tasty, flavorful organic sweets. Her assortment of Cookies, Cakes, Cake Jars, and Pudding Jars are just a few examples of her offerings to the world.

V’s inspiration for her God given talent was home grown from her grandmother’s baking.  V., watched and soaked up not just the ingredients of her hundreds of recipe’s but the spirit and sheer essence of her grandmother. She took notes of the power that her recipes had on family, friends, church members and, the community. She knew this was a game changing MOVEMENT. It was the beginning of something bigger than what V could have ever imagined. I asked V, what started Savor V, she stated, “Savor V has been around for four years. I was homeless and had experienced heartbreak and hardships. When I became homeless, all I had left was eggs and sugar.”  

Let the TRAP TRUMPETS sound! V. further shared her hustle with me. From slanging cookies out the trunk of her car, to growing this refined, chic and tasty business that is SaVor V. She shared the one thing she didn’t want to do was let fear stop her from doing more than just cooking in her heels [or a fresh pair of j’s whatever your pleasure...] off in the kitchen. She knew she had to share her gifts with the world while sending a message loud and clear, not only am I a legacy of my family, but I am a strong woman, who wants to inspire others through the delightful tastes, that is SaVor V.

V is also a part of the dream team that is The Single Wives Club. She continues to not only share her talents but also being a part of this squad of visionaries, allows her to lead and empower women by example. After tasting her cupcakes and cakes I now believe I can fly! Follow V. Taybron @savorv on Instagram and also her beautiful website & blog to ensure you don’t miss the next installment of Cake N’ Cuisine. Savor V, “Made from scratch and produced with love.” – V. Taybron.


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