A Shamrock Crafts for the Kids

Shamrock Craft

As we enter into March, I have been searching for fun arts and crafts for the kids in my after school program to have fun with. While I binged searched on Pinterest I found the cutest Shamrock Man and knew this would be the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

The materials needed are as follows:

  • Green Construction Paper; cut into one big shamrock and four small ones for the hands and feet
  • White Construction Paper
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Markers
  • A Glue Stick
  • Scissors

First, cut the white construction paper into four segments, 1inch thick across the length of the page. Once finished, fold the segments accordion style. After that you will need to cut two white circles around the size of quarters and two black circles the size of nickels. Glue them together to be the eyes and once they are finished glue them to the top of the green shamrock body towards the top.

Next, turn the shamrock body around and glue two white, accordion arms on the side and two segments for the legs. Turn the shamrock back over and glue on the smaller green shamrocks as the hands and feet. Finally, let the shamrock man dry for about 15-20 minutes.

After the shamrock men dried, I allow for my kids to decorate them however they like to make them their own. Some of my children added eyelashes and lipstick, and others added ties and colored the legs blue to make pants. When they were all finished I hung them in the hallway and every time one of them left to go home I heard them stop and gush over their latest arts and crafts project.

Tara is a young and outgoing native of Portland, Oregon currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Tara came to Atlanta in 2011 attending Clark Atlanta University obtaining her degree 4 years later. Tara graduated with her Bachelor’s in Speech Communications and a minor in Spanish. Now, a Vice President of one of CAU's championship dance organizations and works with children age 5-12. Tara enjoys choreographing and performing in her free time as well as cooking and reading. Tara is a very creative person, full of life, truthful and outspoken. She prides herself on always being true to herself and working hard to better herself and the people around her. To learn more about Tara, follow her on Instagram at @tara.danielle_.

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