SaVor V Meets The Single Wives

This weekend was filled with awesome delicious surprises. I was afforded the opportunity to cook for the beautiful ladies of the Singles Wives Club. The Single Wives Club is an organization helping to prepare single women for marriage. The energy was flowing as the ladies were eager to learn how to revamp their love lives and focus their minds to create the lives that they want. While they learned they got to eat. For the luncheon I made a gourmet salad bar. This salad bar had jerk chicken, sesame ginger tilapia, romaine lettuce, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, croutons, boiled eggs, cheeses, and more. The dessert was the infamous strawberry lemonade cupcake. It felt amazing to know that the ladies enjoyed it so much the just kept talking about how much they were enjoying the food. 

On Sunday we had the Sunday Tea. The Single Wives were all decked out in their Sunday cocktail dresses with big hats. For this I created a gourmet bag lunch. Inside of the gorgeous turquoise colored bags were croissant sandwiches. The options were: smoked turkey, chicken breast, and ham. You can't have a sandwich without yummy chips so there was an array of chips to choose from. For dessert there were raspberry shortbread tarts and snicker doodle cookies. There wasn't a sandwich, tart, or cookie left so its safe to say that they enjoyed them. 


The weekend only got better as I viewed my SaVor V apron line. The ladies loved the aprons because they embrace femininity which is a principle that The Single Wives live by. Women love to look and feel good so these aprons add that special touch in the kitchen. One of the happily married wives, Jacqueline Legare that has been married for 16 years said that she was gonna model her apron for her husband and cook him a delicious meal.


All in all the food was a hit and I was so honored to serve the beautiful ladies of The Single Wives Club from beginning to end the event was flawless. The President Ms. Koereyelle DuBose is on her way to great things with this organization. Her vision and educational resources for grooming single ladies is phenomenal. If you are a single woman you should checkout this organization. For more information on The Single Wives Club click HERE and checkout this beautiful picture of the ladies below.


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