Why I Love Mellow Mushroom

If you've ever had an allergy issue then you know how much of a pain it can be. Not only is it a pain but it can be quite dangerous. I have been an allergy sufferer for most of my life but this little mishap doesn't have to cripple you. There are many people with allergies that still enjoy amazing food. I am one of those people who take the time out to enjoy great foods. I am a pizza lover. Its one of my favorite things. Mellow Mushroom is a delicious gem. When looking at their menu you can see little graphics that say things like: allergens, vegan, or gluten free. 

These indicators are awesome because if you have allergies you know what to stay away from and what you can jump right into and eat. Mellow Mushroom is all over and you can go to the website to find the one in your area. They are not only concerned about your allergies, but they are concerned about getting the best meats and vegetables often from local farmers.

To put a little icing on the cake, they are also involved in the community and they support the causes that you support. This month they are focused on Breast Cancer and finding a cure. If that doesn't make you want to go have a slice then I don't know what does. As you can see below I already have my slices! For more info or a location click HERE

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  • Colby Alvino

    Hi! I also published my own article on my love for Mellow Mushroom! Check it out!: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/an-ode-to-mellow-mushroom

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