Wealthy People Have a Wealth of Information

Part of my dream is to be able to give my children an in home library one day. Growing up I loved story time it enhanced my imagination and allowed me to get lost in a story as a child. With the age of technology we don't open books like we used to. Our children our addicted to online games and playstations. I want to be the type of parent that encourages my child's imagination through books and literature. As I was day dreaming I stumbled upon some beautiful in home libraries that I wanted to share with you. 

There's something interesting about wealthy people. A lot of wealthy people read most of the same books. I'm not talking about rich people I'm talking about wealthy people. Wealth normally implies that you have what's called "generational finances." This is money that has been in the family for generations through business, land ownership, stock holder ownership, and the like. I've been studying these wealthy families like The Rockefellers', The Procotors', The Carnegies', and more. They all have vast libraries that have classical books by authors like Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Hill. Zig Ziglar was quoted saying, "poor people have big TVs and wealthy people have big libraries." Well I would definitely believe what Zig Ziglar says. Let's all start increasing our lives by increasing our minds. If you are interested in the 10 Books that wealthy people read click HERE. Also checkout these beautiful libraries:

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