Cupcakes For The Princess

This past weekend proved to be nothing short of amazing. I attended my first baby shower and got to be apart of the dessert making process. I was diligently working hard to prepare some delectable desserts for the mommy to be known as Miss Tia. It was a two day process that began with making edible pink bows out of fondant. 

Once I was sure that all 60 bows were ridiculously beautiful, I went on to make cream cheese frosting with the right hint of vanilla added to it for that extra love.

This frosting was dyed a satin black to go with the baby shower theme known as "Pampers and Paparazzi"


Once I was able to get this together then it was time to start baking. I baked 3 different kinds of cupcakes: red velvet, strawberry lemonade, and vanilla bean. What was interesting about the vanilla bean was that I went to Whole Foods and got pure organic Madagascar vanilla bean pods. If you know anything about vanilla, you know you have to scrape the vanilla bean seeds from the pod and mix it into your dessert which is exactly what I did! 

Then these little mounds of heaven were baked until perfection (also known as baked until the toothpick comes out clean)


Now, it was time to make magic happen with awesome decorations. I did black with pink bows and white with pink bows as pictured here.


Then of course it was the moment of truth. Time for the mommy to be to taste these cupcakes for herself. Was I nervous? Well a good cook is always nervous because you want your client to be happy right? Well she was smiling!

Later that evening she sent me a wonderful text that said, "OMG! I want you to know I don't eat cupcakes but OMG your cupcakes are heaven!!!! (insert emojis) You are officially locked in my phone for all future events!" So I think it's safe to say that she LOVED the SaVor V cupcakes. I was honored to be able to help welcome Princess Amarachi Zaria into the world! For more orders be sure to email or call (415) 857-4693

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