Give Me A Farmers Market!

Organic food doesn't have to be expensive. There are ways you can keep eating clean by going to the Farmers Market. At the farmers market most of the produce is grown by local farmers who tend and grow their vegetables all year long and then sell them at the market in the area in which you live in. This is great because it is not only healthy but its cost effective. It is much cheaper than your local grocery store. 


I went to two of my favorite markets on yesterday. One is the traditional Korean Market known as H Mart and the other is the Dekalb International Farmers Market. Let's start with H Mart. I love H Mart because as you walk around there is a wonderful woman at the end of every aisle letting you try delicious foods and cuisine that she just cooked. All of this awesome cooked food is available for purchase and I often end up purchasing right after sampling. The other cool thing is the great selection of vegetables and herbs. They are fresh and you will notice that it is much cheaper then your local chain grocery store. They also sell numerous household products so you can grab your toilet paper and laundry detergent all in one place.

The there's the Dekalb International Farmers Market. The unique thing about this place is, its all organic, cost effective and they have products from all over the world. They have bananas from Mexico, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic. The wine section is one of my favorites and it is sectioned by continent. You can purchase wines from South Africa or America. The food is fresh and tasty and did I mention the selection of awesome meats and cheeses? Slice smoked turkey and gouda goes a long way in a happy belly. 

If you are looking to save money and you want good food checkout your local farmers markets. Click here for Dekalb International Farmers Market and H Mart

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