Can I Get Some Dim Sum?

Growing up in the city of San Francisco I have had the pleasure of tasting foods from many cultures. Upon moving to Atlanta I noticed that there wasn't as much food diversity in comparison to my hometown. I missed certain types of cuisine. This brings me to the topic of the day which is dim sum. If you haven't had dim sum then let me be the first to tell you that you haven't lived a full life.


Dim Sum is a Chinese dish of small steamed or fried savory dumplings containing various fillings, served as a snack or main course. I had been anticipating the opening of Yum Bunz for several months now. While casually driving down Marietta Street in Atlanta yesterday afternoon I looked to my left and saw an open sign. I freaked out! Could this be my lucky day? Are they really open? Well, I parked, and walked in. The restaurant was so beautifully clean and sanitized. I took a minute to absorb the atmosphere. I walked over to the counter to ask the pleasant young lady about the menu options. She was more than happy to help me. What I loved most is that on the menu they stated that they get meats from local farmers when available. They also offer things like gluten free soy sauce. To me that says that they care about creating food that fosters a healthy lifestyle. Here at SaVor V we are all about sustainability and apparently so is Yum Bunz.


They offered a vast variety of bunz. I decided to get a combo which included 3 bunz and a side. I tried the pork bun, curry chicken bun, and teriyaki chicken bun with a wondrous green bean and tomato salad as a side. As I waited for my food to come I noticed how the cooks interacted with one another. They were all smiling and laughing. It looked like they were happy to be there and this made me more excited about tasting the food. A wonderful gentleman came and brought me my food. Can you say heaven on earth? I was immediately flooded with wonderful memories of my childhood in which my mother and I would eat dim sum for lunch in the streets of downtown San Francisco. It was wonderful. The pork bun tasted just like the pork buns I grew up eating. Oh and the curry and teriyaki buns? They were phenomenal. 

I had the pleasure of chatting with Danil Ivanov who is the General Manager of Yum Bunz. While talking he mentioned a dessert bun. Wait a minute, a dessert bun? This bun was filled with warm chocolate. As soon as I touched it, it was gone. That's how fast I ate this amazing cloud of of food heaven. I could go on for days but the point of the story is that you need to make your way over to Yum Bunz. They are located at 935 Marietta Street NW Suite A Atlanta Ga 30318 if you want more information check out their website HERE and be sure to tell them that SaVor V sent you! Happy eating:)

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