Is Handwriting Becoming Extinct?

Do you remember learning how to write cursive in school? I went to a private catholic school and I remember my 5th grade teacher Ms. Carpenter teaching us cursive. She was a very strict woman who took our handwriting very seriously. Now we are living in the age of technology and I began to wonder, is handwriting becoming extinct? We don't write letters anymore, we write emails. We send text messages, and we type presentations. I have a background in nannying so I know a lot of children. Some of the children I have cared for attend schools where iPads are built into the desks. When I was growing up we had mini chalk boards placed on our desk for us to write on but now in private school they have iPads. Does this mean they won't be writing? Of that I'm not sure. However while researching this interesting topic I came across a handwriting test. Graphologist believe that handwriting has a lot to do with one's character. Do you recall watching old suspense movies in the 90s? Sometimes in the movie people would leave handwritten notes after a crime. After this a private investigator would have the note analyzed and come up with many conclusions regarding the character of the party involved in committing the crime. Well thank goodness we aren't criminals but I did find a quick exam on how to test your character using your very own handwriting. For this exam you will need a pen and a piece of paper. DO NOT CHEAT. I know you aren't a cheater anyway;)


Please write this sentence in cursive. Write the sentence and please do not continue reading until after the sentence has been written:


She sells seashells by the seashore.


Did you write the sentence? Good! Now lets find out all about you.

Does your writing slant? If it slants to the right you are considered and open person. You probably enjoy being around friends and socializing. If it slants to the left you probably enjoy working alone or behind the scenes. However if you are right handed and your handwriting slants to the left you might be expressing rebellion. If your handwriting doesn't slant at all then you are a logical person. You think things through but are guarded with your emotions.


What's the size of your letters? If the size of your letters are large then you probably have a pretty big personality. A lot of celebrities have big handwriting. If you're letters are small you are probably considered a focused yet rather shy person. Average sized letters? You are calm, cool, collected and adjust easy.


What about the loops on those "E's" and "L's" if your L's are closed up tight when written this means you feel restricted and holding yourself back from something. Are your "L's" full? This means you are spontaneous and relaxed you find it easy to express yourself. Are those "E's" closed? You are skeptical and not easily influenced by arguments. If your "E's" are full you are open minded and love to try new things.


How about the letter "S"? If your letter "S" is round you are a people pleaser you really deplore confrontation. Is your "S" pointy at the top? This means you are inquisitive and probably considered an intellectual. You like to take on new challenges. If the "S" is really pointy this means you are ambitious. If the "S" is open at the bottom? This might mean you aren't really going after your hopes and dreams. If you printed the letter "S" it means you are versatile.


Did you learn something about yourself? Below is an example of my handwriting.


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