Talenti Makes My Heart Sing

One wonderful day while walking down the streets of my hometown of San Francisco I saw a cart on the street and begged my mother to go. I was about 7 years old and it was the day that I fell in love with Gelato. This wonderful gentleman was a Gelato artisan that created flavors like: almond nougat, pistachio, vanilla bean, and chunky chocolate. From then on Gelato became my favorite dessert. I was intrigued when I went into the Dekalb International Farmers Market and stumbled upon Talenti Gelato in the frozen aisle. Could this be my lucky day to enjoy Gelato in the comfort of my own home? 


I decided to play it safe and get the Belgian Milk Chocolate. Got home, relaxed, grabbed my favorite spoon, and dipped. Can you say heavenly? No really this gelato was the real deal and the ingredients are phenomenal. I read the ingredients and could actually understand the label. It said normal legible things like: milk, sugar, cream, chocolate. To make it even better it is vegetarian, gluten free, hormone free, all natural, and kosher. Since I do my absolute best to live an organic lifestyle this Gelato made my day. They have tons of amazing flavors such as Toasted Almond, and Alphonso Mango. You can find Talenti at your local grocer to learn more about this great treat click HERE

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