The Coconut Water Craze

I admit I am so very obsessed with coconut water its the words like "replenish" and "hydrate" that get me every time. I wanted to get the low down on coconut water to see if it was really that beneficial to my body or not. After reading article after article from Dr Oz, Web MD, and Kathleen Zelman, hydration is hydration. You have to stay hydrated whether you drink water, coconut water, or your favorite sports drinks. Coconut water is natural coming from the center of green coconuts and not to be confused with coconut milk. Most of us do not get the potassium that we need in our diets so coconut water is a great way to get potassium into your body. Coconut water also helps reduce sodium. All in all, its still pretty good for you but it should not replace your water intake so drink both. Happy drinking!

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