Grassfed Animal Products

I absolutely love organic living. It is very important what we put into our bodies. If we eat junk everyday this can cause issues such as obesity, disease, diabetes, and so much more. If it affects our bodies then it also affects the bodies of animals. If they are getting fed junk, we as the consumers turn around and ingest these meats filled with steroids. I have been eating organic meats for quite some time but now I am going directly to the source. The grassfed animal farms. Here at the farm you can see the animals and what they are being fed. After inspecting you can purchase meats directly from the farmer. If you look at the animals they look so healthy and their coats are shiny. To find out which grassfed farms are in your area you can google grassfed farms and type in your city. I did this for Atlanta, Georgia and found numerous farms. My favorites are Indian Creek Angus that can be found at at Indian Creek Angus you can pick up your meat or they can deliver to surroundings areas. At White Oaks Pastures found at you can order meat online or find local Atlanta retailers. Be good to your body and it will be good to you.

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