Scent of the Month is Tom Ford!

I just love a nice little bottle of perfume. Perfume makes every woman feel a little more special. Quality perfume stays on longer and you never need to much of it. One of my favorite perfumes came on the market September 2011 and I am declaring it as the Scent of the Month. It is Tom Ford's Jasmine Rogue. The scent is not only captivating but its downright sexy. Of course it has the wonderful hint of Jasmine hence the name but it has so much more than that. It has the right touch of floral, citrus, spice, and cinnamon. It is sure to make your lover close his eyes and inhale you. Or make your friends say, "girl what are you wearing? You smell so good!" We all love those compliments so be a lady and try out my perfume of the month suggestion. Tom Ford! It comes in 50ml and 250ml price is approximately $205

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